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Handicraft in Hebrew, wonderfully defines the complexity, commitment and reciprocity between action and worker. Which can move one or two hands without aids, machines or mechanisms. An initial move of creation. Craft, the energy that grows new between the hands of the creator and the raw materials.


Between Sharon Murro's hands grow sprouts and vessels, thoughts of creation and survival. On days of seclusion at home, the potential in the bags of seeds left in the fridge reassured her. From this developed a project in which the knowledge of how to produce our own food was mobilized for the benefit of a process during which visual products and textiles are produced - by-products of food growth.

Curated with Galit Gaon

Sharon Murro - Ariel Medina photography (60).jpeg
Sharon Murro - Ariel Medina photography (7).jpeg
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Sharon Murro - Ariel Medina photography (43).jpeg
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